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scotty stevenson

Scotty Stevenson, webworker for hire

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Web Design for Visual Artists, Fine Art Galleries & Art Organization

For many people, including curators, gallery owners, and collectors, a website will be the first time they are introduced to your work. I am a painter, I live and breath visual art. I understand the special care needed to translate your work into digital form. I will work with you to design the perfect website to present the images, history, and story for your evolving art.

Ditto for Galleries and Art Organizations


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Web Design for Small Business
& Service Professionals

Creative web design, unique, built from scratch, user friendly and with the personal branding your business or profession needs to attract return customers. I personally work "one on one" with you to fine tune a website to your vision. Websites are the coin of the realm, a clean thoughtful color and layout creates the perfect tool to show off your product or service skills to reach your target comsumer and audience.

If you have an old website, lost in the shuffle of time and support, Walkingfossil can take the reins and bring it back to life.